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The 908B gives you the freedom to enjoy outdoor adventures with your child. It is designed for active families who want a versatile, tough and stylish carrier, and who love being outdoors all year round. Switch between activities easily!



Buggy + Jogger

908B quick release EVA buggy wheel, which can be rotated through 360°, guarantees easy maneuvering in every everyday situation. Locking the bike enables jogging even on easy terrain.



908 unique mechanism makes transformations simple and safe. 16” inflatable tyre with adjustable handle and hand straps optimizes straight-line stability and guarantees sporting activities even on uneven terrain.



The drawbar that can be carried with you is always within easy reach under the cabin, so that the 908B can be easily attached to the bike at any time.



The hiker strap is particularly recommended for sloping terrain or sporting activities such as skating or jogging.


Hiker & Skiier

The 908B can be optimally used for skiing and hike adventures. The wheels are replaced by skis and the guide rods can be easily inserted into the drawbar bracket.




Superior build.

The 908B is a real all rounder built using durable and long-lasting material, with additional comfort and safety in mind. With reinforced aluminium frame, low center of gravity for safe road holding and reflector lines on wheels, cover and hood, rest assured that this carrier will provide a peace of mind for you and your child.  

Comfortable & safe.

908B adapts dual individual seats which can be adjusted separately without affecting one or the other passengers in the trailer.

Recommended angles of comfort:
Sitting 120°; Comfort 135° Sleeping 155°

2 front buggy wheel makes everyday voyage stable and comfortable.

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